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Since 1996, our sales team has quoted, given advised, and sold more premium domain names than all the other sites combined, with an emphasis on quality, brand-creation and trust that is unmatched in the industry.

DomainMarketo.com ( Kaliteli isim PAzarlama [ KiPA ] ) are one of the largest domain name brokers in the world with a reputation second to none, just take a look at our testimonials page. Specialists in domain brokering, we also offer a full range of domain related services. From domain registration to bringing business to your website, DomainMarketo.com ( Kaliteli isim PAzarlama [ KiPA ] ) have a solution for you. We have a fully searchable database of domains for sale but if you do not find the domain you are looking for then please let us know so that we can do a wider search for you. If you just want to see if your name is available then please visit our domain name registration page where you can check the availability. We would also like you to know that we believe in a personal service and support and not and automated one, so please feel free to phone or email us should you have any questions or comments.

At DomainMarketo.com ( Kaliteli isim PAzarlama [ KiPA ] ) we strive to bring you only the highest quality, market-ready domain names available. Whether you are working on a new site for your company or creating an innovative net startup, we have the right name for you, backed by our total commitment to personal attention, reliability and support plus the reputation we have built with thousands of first-rate customers worldwide.

Once you have found your premium domain name, either a “Make an Offer” or a “Contact us“. If click these pages, you must complete a simple form to receive a quote by e-mail.

Our Policy: It is the policy of DomainMarketo.com ( Kaliteli isim PAzarlama [ KiPA ] ) to respect the legal rights of others. We regret that the volume of domains available through DomainMarketo.com ( Kaliteli isim PAzarlama [ KiPA ] ) makes it infeasible for us to investigate whether any particular domain offered for sale resembles a registered trademark or service mark. We advise buyers to conduct such investigations as may be appropriate in their circumstances.

DomainMarketo.com ( Kaliteli isim PAzarlama [ KiPA ] ) strives to obey all applicable laws regarding the registration and use of domain names. We also adhere to the policies established by ICANN for domain name registrations.

Domain Investing

Domain names are similar to stocks that have initial public offerings (IPOs) and then can be sold in secondary markets at different (usually greater) prices. Getting in on the IPO (registration) of a prominent sounding Internet name is the best method to secure a name at a low price that is likely to continuously increase in value. Unfortunately, the best names are long gone so it is unlikely that most new domains registered will have dramatic increases in value. Fortunately, many names can be purchased via secondary markets.

‘DomainMarketo.com ( Kaliteli isim PAzarlama [ KiPA ] )’ has a secondary domain market for the world’s finest unused Internet names. For the most part, the costs of names at our market are vastly lower than similar names that are offered elsewhere. A company or individual may want to buy a domain name listed for sale in our brokerage to start a new ebusiness, to use for an existing business, or to speculate that the name is (or will be) worth more than DomainMarketo.com’s quoted price.
Over the past few years, many domain names have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars and a few for millions of dollars. Since companies continue to recognize the permanent branding value of a good domain name we believe that the best .COM and .NET domains will constantly increase in value, as fewer and fewer become available.

In our estimation, investing a few thousand dollars to permanently control prominent sounding Internet brand names is a deal that is too good to pass up. Procrastinating will increase the risk of your competitors beating you to the domains that you like best. Also the prices of your favorite names are likely to rise due to decreasing availability and increasing demand.

Best of luck in the digital economy – there is no turning back!

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